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New Data Show Economic Impact of Delmarva Chicken Industry

Georgetown, DE - Jan. 31, 2014 -- New data compiled by Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. for 2013 show that the Delmarva Peninsula's chicken industry remains an essential part of the local and regional economy.

While bird production and expenditures largely were unchanged from 2012, the industry provides billions of dollars of local economic activity. In 2013, bird production was up by seven million and total pounds produced were up 43 million. Employment remained about the same as did the number of chicken growers and chicken houses. The feed bill was up by $45 million. Corn and soybean use remained about the same. The most significant change from the prior year was the amount of wheat used for feed. Wheat use was up about seven-fold, but remains small compared to corn and soybeans. There were very few changes in the remaining categories.

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