America's Soybean Farmers Again Support DPI Programs

To help the largest consumers of American soybeans, the United Soybean Board again this year has a program to promote animal agriculture. For Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc., this means dollars to promote and educate people about the local chicken industry.

We are grateful to America's soybean farmers for their TREMENDOUS support.

Middle School Curriculum Development
Soybean farmers' money will allow us to continue with our middle school curriculum development. Lesson plans have been written in the last couple of years and the new money will be used to create awareness in the school systems about the new curriculum material, producing materials for distribution to the teachers, and providing financial incentives so substitute teachers can be hired to work for the teachers attending the training sessions.

Vegetative Environmental Buffers (VEB) program
Money will be used to help offset some program expenses for DPI's Vegetative Environmental Buffers program. This is the program that works with chicken growers to plan and install environmentally helpful tree or grass buffers near chicken houses. These program costs also are funded by Delmarva's chicken companies and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Additionally, soybean money will help chicken growers install buffers on their farms. The money will be used in cases where government cost share programs are not available to growers, where government programs will not fund non-tree buffers, or where growers cannot wait until the government money is available.

Lunch and Learn Sessions
We will hold another series of "Lunch and Learn" sessions with state and local business and community leaders to educate them and/or remind them about the importance of the chicken industry, soybean farmers, corn farmers, and agriculture in general. We propose such sessions in Kent County, Delaware; Sussex County, Delaware; Salisbury, Maryland; the Mid Shore area of Maryland; and on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Maryland General Assembly Bus Tour
To acquaint newly elected members of the Maryland General Assembly about the chicken industry, we are working on a half day bus tour of chicken industry facilities on the Eastern Shore. There is a lot of ignorance or misunderstanding about the chicken industry among urban and suburban legislators in the metropolitan areas of Maryland. This tour will introduce many of them to the chicken industry and perhaps the agricultural community for the first time.

Family Farms Promotional Signs
Soybean money will be used to prepare roadside signs for chicken growers with a message similar to this "This is a family owned farm that feeds thousands of persons annually." These signs might help dispel the common notion that Delmarva Peninsula chicken farms are corporate farms owned by the chicken companies.

Event Promotional Banners
DPI will develop and purchase "pull-up" banners for use at outreach functions.

All these projects will help improve the image of the chicken industry, improve our environment, or continue our ongoing efforts to inform persons about our industry.

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