Maryland legislative alert: We need your help

Bills have been introduced in the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates that DPI opposes. We are working to stop them and we ask you to contact senators now to express your opposition. SB 422 and HB 602 seek to place state restrictions on the use of certain antibiotics in certain farm animals while creating a cumbersome and costly reporting system. There already exists a stringent federal program addressing antibiotics that does not need to be duplicated at the state level.

We ask you in the next few days to contact these members of the Senate committee that will consider the bill on February 14 and the House committee that will consider the House bill on February 15. Because legislators receive hundreds of e-mails a day, a more effective way to express your view is by telephone. If you send e-mails, use as the subject line Oppose SB 422 (for senators) and Oppose HB 602 (for delegates).

Senate committee members

House committee members (* = bill sponsor)

Here are some reasons why the bills should be defeated.

  • There already exists a strong federal antibiotics limitation program.
  • There is no desire by the animal health products manufacturers or the chicken industry to roll back the federal program that went into effect on January 1, 2017. That program has the force of law.
  • While birds on nearly every chicken farm will be impacted, many small farms will not. There is no science-based reason for those exclusions.
  • If made law, this bill will do nothing to improve the lives of Marylanders.
  • If made law, this could hurt our industry and our chicken growing farm families by raising the costs of growing chickens in Maryland through the chicken company reporting requirements. This could make chicken growing uncompetitive with neighboring Delaware and Virginia.

There simply is no reason for a law such as proposed in SB 422. Please take a few minutes to contact the senators and delegates listed above to express your opposition.

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